Bailey of Bristol opens its doors to the Bailey Owners Caravan Club

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Every two years Bailey of Bristol opens its doors to the Bailey Owners Caravan Club for their biennial Works Rally. The main attraction of the event for members is the opportunity to visit the company's South Liberty Lane manufacturing facility where they receive a guided tour of the premises by the Bailey Production Team. There they witness first-hand the assembly process from start to finish, giving them a greater understanding of how their caravan or motorhome was produced using the market-leading Alu-Tech construction system. It was also an opportunity for them to meet the people who made their vehicles including Bailey Senior Management who rally with Club Members at Dyrham Park over the weekend.

The plant is widely regarded as the most advanced in the industry and features the UK's only mechanised production line which facilitates automatic movement of caravans and motorhomes around the factory. This improves both productivity and efficiency, which in turn has a positive impact on the final cost of the product ensuring that Bailey can continue to produce market leading value for money.

The assembly line is fed by state of the art manufacturing cells, including a fully automated laminating plant, and a world class logistics centre to ensure efficient part supply and minimal stock holding levels. With less money tied up in component supplies and finished products business overheads are minimised which again helps keep the cost of our leisure vehicles down.

The Bailey work force at the plant is divided into zones and teams, based upon Japanese production management principals, with a supervisor to staff ratio of 6:1 throughout the company. All members within a given team can perform all the tasks relating to a given section of the production process providing the expertise and flexibility required to manufacture a comprehensive range of sophisticated products.

Unusually for this industry our production staff are salaried and are not financially incentivised to achieve volume targets (commonly known as piece rate payment). Instead our team culture encourages ownership of the production process and on-going participation in product development. This maintains staff morale, motivation and retention, which is why our employee productivity levels remain the highest in the industry.

This time round in addition to the tours there was the opportunity for club members to have a sneak preview of the models from the new Unicorn caravan range plus to meet representatives from some of the Company's key component suppliers - Alde, Dometic, Michelin, Thetford, Truma, TRACKER and WSL. Bailey also held a parts and accessories sale in aid of its chosen charity - St Peter's Hospice. The Bailey Owners generously dipped into their pockets to raise a record total of £3,586 for this very worthy cause.

The BOCC was founded in 1970 and now has over 500 members making it one of the largest in the UK. For more details on how to join the club and to take advantage of this unique opportunity to visit the Bailey factory click on

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